Thursday, August 30, 2012

traveler's dilemma

I've been living in Isabela Province for almost a year now, and have come to the conclusion that....there really is nothing much to do here. Ha! You see, I've tasked it upon myself to be absolutely sure that I could 100% claim that there aren't a lot of places to go to, or that the number of activities that can be done here are sparse. Yeap. The sad truth is, unless the roads to the coastal towns are constructed, well..unless some sort of miracle happens, Isabela won't be on the list of any tourist or traveler's 'places to go'.

Fine, you can check out the Magat Dam in Ramon. You can even go to the local markets and try out the delicacies. Why, you can even go all the way to Cabagan just to try authentic Pancit Cabagan in Felicitas (which is just along the Provincial Highway). But are there other things you can do, or other places even worth visiting? Nada.

I write this with a very disappointed tone, because I was somehow hoping that I'd be proven wrong. That this huge, hot (literally), province is even worth going to.

Despite my disappointment, let me tell you though...if you want to go on a road trip, just to relax and clear your along the provincial highway here. The view is amazing. Seriously. Vast farm land, mountains in the horizon, clouds like you've never seen before -- take a long drive here. I guess this place's saving grace is the beauty of its land.

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